Patent Marking Under 35 U.S.C. § 287

The following products are protected by patents in the United States (US) and, in some cases, in non-US jurisdictions. This website is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of various jurisdictions including the patent marking provisions of Title 35 of the United States Code section 287 (35 U.S.C. § 287). The following association of products-to-patent numbers may not be an exclusive listing of associations, and other unlisted patents or pending patents may also be associated with the products. Likewise, the patents or pending patents may also be associated with unlisted products. Regularly review the articles-to-patent number(s) association herein to check for updates. Unless otherwise clearly indicated, the names of the articles include the verbatim name listed below, clear variations thereof, and all versions and releases thereof.

# Product Name Patents
0Trilogy Build System Client
1Trilogy Build System Controller
2Trilogy Build System Dispatcher
3Trilogy Build System Server Core
4Trilogy Build System Notification Server
5Trilogy Build System Registration Controller
6Trilogy Build System Reporting Server
7DMS Distributor Administration
8DMS Hierarchies
9DMS Credential Management
10DMS Contract Kits and Agreements
11DMS Accumulation-Based Compensation Engine
12DMS Primary Compensation Engine
13DMS Primary Compensation Manager
14Trilogy Data Loader
15SC Web
16Trilog MCC Commission Engine
17Trilogy MCC Commission Java Parallel API
18MCC Catalog6,834,287
19MCC Commission Quota Manager
20MCC Commission Workbench
21MCC Order Server7,069,235
22Trilogy MCC Commission Manager
23Trilogy MCC Commission Services
24Trilogy MCC Config5,825,651|6,405,308|6,675,294
25Trilogy MCC Config Views5,515,524|5,708,798|6,002,854|5,369,732|7,043,407|7,062,493
26SC Commission Java
27SC Backbone6,629,153
28Trilogy Replicator Engine - Java
29DMS Payment and Debt Management
30DMS Debt Management
31DMS Transaction Manager
32Trilogy Computer Product Workbench
33Checker for Windows and Windows NT5,515,524|5,708,798|6,002,854|5,369,732|7,043,407
34Patch Offering for Trilogy MCC 2.2.67
35Engine Server5,515,524|5,708,798|6,002,854|5,369,732|7,043,407
37FFC COM Developer
39FFC HTML Developer
40FFC Java
41FFC Java Developer
42JC Bridge
43Open Replicator
44Pricer Objects
45SC Catalog
46SC Catalog Manager
47SC Commission
48SC Commission Designer
49SC Commission Manager
50SC Commission Operator
51SC Commission Replication
52SC Commission Sales Rep Dashboard
53SC Commission Views
54SC Commission Interactions
55SC Commission Ledger Management
56SC Commission Management
57SC Commission Reporting
58SC Commission Workbench
59SC Commission Ledger
60SC Commission Engine COM
61SC Commission Engine Java
62SC Commission Sales Force Dashboard
63SC Commission User Maintenance Tool
64SC Commission Wizards
65SC Config5,825,651|6,405,308|6,675,294
66SC Config Manager
67SC Config Power Pack5,515,524|5,708,798|6,002,854|5,369,732|7,043,407
68SC Config Power Pack Manager
69SC Config Power Pack Performance Edition
70SC Contract
71SC Contract Manager
72SC Diagram Manager5,515,524|5,708,798|6,002,854|5,369,732|7,043,407
73SC Explorer
74SC Form Server5,515,524|5,708,798|6,002,854|5,369,732|7,043,407
75SC Order Oracle
76SC Portfolio
77SC Portfolio Manager
78SC Pricebook
79SC Pricer5,878,400|6,553,350
80SC Pricer Manager5,878,400|6,553,350
81SC Pricer Methods5,878,400|6,553,350
82SC Promotion
83SC Promotion Manager
84SC Proposal
85SC Proposal Manager
86Trilogy MCC Platform
87Trilogy MCC Content Management
88Trilogy MCC Pricer5,878,400|6,553,350
89Trilogy SalesBUILDER Wizard HTML5,515,524|5,708,798|6,002,854|5,369,732|7,043,407
90Trilogy SalesBUILDER Wizard Studio5,515,524|5,708,798|6,002,854|5,369,732|7,043,407
91Trilogy MCC Quote
92Trilogy MCC Sample Site
93Trilogy MCC Workflow2 Service
94Trilogy MCC eFeedback
95Trilogy MCC Workflow Designer
96MCC Commission Territory Manager
97MCC Commission Sales Force Dashboard
98Trilogy MCC Commission Compensation Analysis
99Trilogy MCC Content Distributor Management System
100Trilogy MCC FS Business Object Model
101Trilogy MCC Rating
102Trilogy MCC Rating Client
103Trilogy MCC Rating Integration
104Trilogy MCC Rating Manager
105Trilogy MCC User Manager
107Trilogy MCC Actuate Connector
108Trilogy MCC Airlines Matcher
109Trilogy MCC CRM Contact Center
110Trilogy MCC Census Management
111Trilogy MCC Cerium
112Trilogy MCC DMS 13
113Trilogy MCC Dashboard Toolkit
114Trilogy MCC Depreciated Pricer
115Trilogy MCC Distributor Management System
116Trilogy MCC eTree
117Trilogy MCC Needs Analysis
118Trilogy MCC Personalization
119Trilogy MCC Telecom Financial Analysis
120Trilogy MCC Telecom Tendering
121Trilogy MCC Test Core
122Trilogy MCC WebViews Framework
123Trilogy MCC Workplace
124Trilogy Primary Compensation Engine
125eStation Standards Management
126eStation Attribute-Based Search Catalog
127Trilogy Automotive Platform
128Trilogy Automotive Config5,825,651|6,405,308|6,675,294
129Trilogy Automotive Pricing5,878,400|6,553,350
130Trilogy Automotive Locate
131Trilogy Automotive Lead Order
132SC Quote
133SC Quote Manager
134SC Report
135SC Report Manager
136SC SAP Connector
137SC SAP Connector Java
138SalesBUILDER Engine Manager for Windows 95NT5,515,524|5,708,798|6,002,854|5,369,732|7,043,407
139SalesBUILDER Engine for Windows 95NT5,515,524|5,708,798|6,002,854|5,369,732|7,043,407
140SalesBUILDER Engine5,369,732|5,515,524 |5,708,798|6,002,854|7,043,407
141SalesBUILDER Wizard5,369,732|5,515,524 |5,708,798|6,002,854|7,043,407
142SalesBUILDER Wizard Java5,515,524|5,708,798|6,002,854|5,369,732|7,043,407
143SalesBUILDER API Pak5,515,524|5,708,798|6,002,854|5,369,732|7,043,407
144Trilogy Backbone Java
145Trilogy Report
146Trilogy Solution Sales - Storage Advisor
147Trilogy Solution Sales - Storage Advisor Test Framework
148Trilogy Solution Sales - Storage Advisor Integration Module
149SalesBUILDER Rapid Access Visual Editor
150Trilogy Backbone SDK
151Trilogy Backbone COM6,629,153
152Trilogy Backbone Manager Java
153Trilogy Workspace
154SC Pricing Analysis5,878,400
155SC Promotion Funds Management
156SC Rating Manager
157SC Commission Java Parallel API
158MCC Rating Patch
159Trilogy MCC Needs Analysis Patch
160Trilogy MCC Config Patch5,825,651|6,405,308|6,675,294
161Trilogy MCC Workflow2 Service Patch
162CPW Test product
163CPW Server
164CPW SBBridge
165CPW SBBridge Test
166TSS Test Product
170Trilogy Knowledge Base Quality Manager
171Storage Advisor common utilities
172ISMP Patch Offering
174Trilogy Automotive Configuration Manager: Engineering
175Trilogy Automotive Configuration Manager: Marketing
176Trilogy Automotive Configuration Manager: Master Dictionary
177Trilogy Automotive Configuration Manager: Repository
178Trilogy Variable Marketing Management: Authoring
179Trilogy Variable Marketing Management: Communication
180autoplatform for internal testing only
181autoconfig for internal testing only
182autopricer for internal testing only
183autolocate for internal testing only
184SC Pricer Bridge
185SC Pricer Engine5,878,400|6,553,350
186MCC Catalog Manager6,834,287
187Trilogy IMaint
188Trilogy Automotive Configuration Reader: Feature Matrix Generation
189Trilogy Automotive Configuration Reader: Replication
191Trilogy Development Kit for Silk
192Trilogy Development Kit for WebLOAD
193Trilogy Scripts for MKS
194DMS Backward Compatibility
195DMS Loader
196Sun Webdesk
197Trilogy Scripts for MKS
198Trilogy Knowledge Base Requirements Manager
200World Wide Dealing System
201Trilogy Knowledge Base Development Studio
203PDEF Offering - Consulting
205PDEF Offering
206Trilogy KB Model Automation with Sun model templates
207Trilogy KB Model Automation with SGI model templates
208Trilogy KB Model Automation with Sun model templates
209Trilogy KB Model Automation with SGI model templates
210Trilogy Distribution Channel Management
211Trilogy Incentive Designer
212Trilogy Incentive Manager
214Trilogy Build System Web Interface
215Trilogy iCore Web Interface
216Trilogy iCore Webservice
217Trilogy Agency RADAR
218Trilogy Agency RADAR (Server)
221Silk Sample
222ICS Beans
226Automotive Demand Intelligence (ADI) Core - Parser
227Automotive Demand Intelligence (ADI) Core - Scorer
230Automotive Configuration Services (ACS) - Validation Module
190Trilogy Automotive Configuration Reader: Remoting
199Trilogy Knowledge Base Requirements Manager Testing Framework
202Trilogy Sales Optimizer
213Trilogy Profit Analyzer
219Nissan LTO (for Consulting)
220Nissan Importer (for Consulting)
228Automotive Demand Intelligence (ADI) Core - Inventory Importer
229Automotive Demand Intelligence (ADI) Core - Report Generator
231myfolder Offering
232ACM Export Consulting Source Code
233PDEF Export Consulting Source Code
234SOE Export Consulting Source Code
237Automotive Demand Intelligence (ADI) - Retail Hooks API
238Automotive Demand Intelligence (ADI) - Retail Hooks Test Files
239Automotive Demand Intelligence (ADI) - Core Web Services
242Customer Management Module
243Order Management Module
244Contact Center Platform Module
245MCC Swing Catalog Manager
246Contact Center Pricer Manager
247Trilogy Guided Selling
248SalesBUILDER Reflex5,369,732|5,515,524 |5,708,798|6,002,854|6,115,547|6,430,730|7,043,407
249SalesBUILDER for Flash5,369,732|5,515,524 |5,708,798|6,002,854|7,043,407
250Material Cost Analysis
252ADI Recommended Order User Interface
255Material Cost Analytics
256Trilogy Web Commission Manager
258Trilogy Web Services
267Versata Correspondence
268Versata Product Information Manager
269Versata Product Information Manager Lite
253ADI Recommended Order Optimization Server
254ADI Recommended Order MDF Engine
259Trilogy Reporting Tests
235SC Object Studio
236SC Backbone (COM)6,629,153
240Automotive Demand Intelligence (ADI) - Demand Analyzer Web Application
241Automotive Demand Intelligence (ADI) - Demand Analyzer Web Test Files
257Trilogy Business Intelligence & Reporting
270DCM iDashBoards Integration
204Trilogy Replicator - COM
223Trilogy JC Bridge
224Trilogy Report Manager
225Trilogy Object Manager